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A blog featuring the various writings of E. H. Lau.

Justice Knight Archive

~I am the knight who delivers justice!~

Justice Knight
The Iron Legion has been attacking the city! With its cyborg army, the Iron Legion seemed to be unstoppable. That is, until Justice Knight showed up with his advance exosuit. Now, he is the only one capable of fighting the generals of the Iron Legion on an even level. With the support of his unit, Justice Knight will have to fight through the generals of the Iron Legion in order to protect his beloved city.

Arc 1 – Attack of the Iron Legion
1) Night of the Iron Wolf

2) Day of the Iron Bull

3) Flight of the Iron Eagle

3.5) Vengeance
4) Rampage of the Iron Elephant
5) Web of the Iron Spider
5.51) Exosuits
5.52) Defection
6) Speed of the Iron Cheetah
7) Tentacles of the Iron Octopus
8) Sting of the Iron Bee
8.5) Cyborgs
9) Holes of the Iron Moles
10) Howl of the Iron Wolf
11) Pride of the Iron Lion
12) End of the Iron Legion

Next Planned Update: Four month hiatus in preparation for the second arc, starting July 26th, 2014.


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