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Vengeance of the Dark Knight (Batman Vengeance Review)

Posted by cyberpfalcon on May 15, 2010

Well…, better late than never? Anyways, on with the review!

I love Batman. The movies, the comics, the cartoons, the video games. Batman is one of my favourite superheroes because he uses his wits, gadgets, martial arts skills, and, most of all, his undying determination to fight crime. The most recent good Batman game is, of course, Batman: Arkham Asylum. However, let’s look back on another good Batman game. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Batman Vengeance for the PS2.

Batman Vengeance is based off Batman: The Animated Series, artistically as well as storywise. With that said, the graphics look great, and emulate the style of Batman: The Animated Series very well. The story of the game is well told and enjoyable; it is based of the canon of Batman: The Animated Series, and is told in the style of it as well. Overall, this game pays homage to Batman: The Animated Series with it’s story told through gorgeous cutscenes and graphics.

The gameplay for this game is generally good. Batman Vengeance is an Action Adventure game, which means running around and beating goons and bosses up in various ways. The game’s combat system consists of melee combos and a first person view mode which is used to throw batarangs or to use the grappling hook. Regular combos are straightforward, however, they sometimes feel clunky and aren’t very smooth. Using gadgets in first person view is interesting, but having to switch between two views will need some getting used to. Also, stealth is recommended during many parts of the game, meaning that this is not a straight action game.

Batman Vengeance is an enjoyable game overall, with a great story and an average combat system. However, there aren’t a lot of extra features besides the main game, so game’s replayability is not that high. If you’re a fan of Batman, and can get this for a discounted price, definitely give Batman Vengeance a try!

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