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Wolfenstein Demo Review

Posted by cyberpfalcon on November 15, 2009

As a kid, I’ve played Wolfenstein 3D on the SNES and I loved it, in fact, I still love the game.

Unfortunately, I never got to play the sequel, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so when I heard that a new Wolfenstein game entitled Wolfenstein was going to be released, I was kind of excited. I didn’t buy it though, for various reasons, and I forgot about it. Then, one day, I was looking around on the  the Playstation Store and saw that a demo for Wolfenstein had be released. Deciding that this was a good chance to see if the game was good or not, I downloaded it and installed it onto the PS3.

The game starts out with the protagonist, B.J., on a German battleship in World War II pretending to be an officer on the ship. His cover gets blown, and proceeds to fight with the soldiers. It gets to the point where he’s cornered and then a medallion in his pocket glows, and he takes it out and somehow, all the soldiers in front of him are incinerated. He then proceeds to steal a plane and flies off the battleship before it blows up.

He lands and starts to get chased by German soldiers, and that’s when the game begins.

At first, it seems like a typical FPS. The health system is one where you recover your health if you don’t get hurt for a while (damage is indicated by a border on your screen. However, what makes this game a bit different is the medallion that B.J. gets, which allows the use of some sort of magical powers. In the demo, the two powers that I got to use was a power that revealed hidden passages (which really means that when a wall has the correct symbol on it, I can activate the power and walk through the wall) and make enemies easier to spot, and another power that slowed down time for everyone except for B.J..

So I play through the demo, shooting through enemies and sometimes using the medallion. At the end of it, I have to say that the demo did not leave me with a very good impression of Wolfenstein. The demo presented to me a very typical FPS that uses a gimmicky medallion to try to spice things up. The gimmick of the medallion though, is also boring, since time slowdown, and secret passages are nothing new. The story was also presented in a very unclear and messy fashion, and didn’t hook me in at all. The demo certainly showed that Wolfenstein might be an interesting game, but it does a very poor job of advertising the game, and at the end of it, it left me with the impression that Wolfenstein was a very mediocre FPS with a poor gimmick and a very messy execution of a story.

So the demo has convinced me that Wolfenstein isn’t worth a buy, but perhaps the demo is just doing a bad job at marketing. So for those of you that have played the game, is the demo actually correct about the real game, or is does it just do a bad job at advertising a good game?

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