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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Time Travel

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

I took it out of its casing. There I was, in 1 TTE, holding the very last hard drive that contained a backup of the notes that would lead to the discovery of time travel. All I had to do was drop it onto the ground to destroy it.

Surprisingly, a time portal opened in front of me. Even more surprisingly, it was Matthew who came out from the other side.

“Stop!” he yelled at me.

I stared at him in surprise. “Matthew? How are you… how are you existing?”

“I don’t know, Dr. Potter said something about paradoxes being caused by you going back in time and destroying everything that would make time travel possible.”

“That’s right, Matthew. I’ve destroyed the notes, destroyed all the prototype equipment they have, destroyed all the blueprints, and so on. All I have left to do is destroy this hard drive, and time travel will never exist.”

“James, if you do that, you’ll be changing every single point in time!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard Dr. Potter explain it.”

“Do you know how many paradoxes you’ll create?”

“I won’t create any. In fact, I am getting rid of all the paradoxes.”

“What are you talking about? You’ve how time travel ‘works’. You’re a walking paradox yourself!”

I laughed. “Didn’t Dr. Potter tell you about the theory that time travel rules change because of time travel?”

“Yeah, we’ve discussed it. So?”

“Since time travel has affected every single point in time, then if I cause time travel to never have existed, the timeline will get changed so irrevocably that the new rules will be that time travel isn’t possible. This will reset the entire timeline, from beginning to end!”

“That’s just your theory!”

“No, from what I’ve seen, it’s the only logical conclusion!”

“But… but why? Why are you trying to wipe out time travel itself?”

I laughed a sardonic laugh. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m doing this because time travel should have never existed.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Has anything good ever come out of being able to travel through time? We were part of the Time Patrol Agency, but we couldn’t change things in the past, we couldn’t stop tragedies from happening. All because we didn’t want to create a paradox or further change the timeline. Meanwhile, any criminals or terrorists that get their hands on a time travel device have changed the timeline however they wanted. The only people that have benefited from time travel are the criminals and the terrorists!”

Matthew looked at me and decided to try another approach, “Look James, it’s not too late. Let’s just stop this and go home. Who knows, I came back, so maybe Judy and Stephanie came back too.”

Angrily, I yelled at him, “It didn’t work!”

“I killed the younger versions of Metis and Cronus, which means that Judy shouldn’t have been killed. But when I got back to the future, she was still dead.”

Matthew looked at me in shock. “H- how? That doesn’t make sense.”

“That’s right! That’s time travel, a fickle mistress that just decides how things go randomly. Do you know what happens in the new timeline? Judy just falls down dead, from a knife wound caused by thin air!”

Matthew and I stood there in silence, trying to make some sense of it all.

Matthew, with sadness in his voice, said, “You know, you might not even exist in this new timeline. I might not exist in the new timeline. Even Judy and Stephanie might not exist anymore.”

I paused for a moment at that thought. Then, I said, “Worth it.”

Matthew laughed a little, “I guess it would be, if there was even a small chance of them coming back.”

I laughed along with my best friend, “Yeah, anything’s better than what we’ve got now.”

With hope in his voice, Matthew said, “Well, James, hopefully I’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah. See you soon.”

I dropped the hard drive.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Cronus and Metis

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

I had finally tracked them down. It had taken months of searching, interrogating, and hunting. But I finally have a time and location on Cronus and Metis.

I opened a time portal and stepped through.

On the other side, a voice questioned, “What the hell?”

I raised my gun and pointed it at Cronus and Metis, who were both in bed. “Hello Cronus, hello Metis.”

Metis reached for what seemed like her glasses, but I wasn’t going to take a chance. I fired a bullet into her hand.

She screamed in pain and grabbed her bleeding hand.

“Very nice place you have here,” I said. I had made sure that they were in a nice, isolated place and time. Nobody was here to interrupt me.

Cronus growled at me, “Apparently you didn’t get my warning, Agent Lawson.”

“Oh, I did.” I threw a pair of handcuffs that I had procured in front of Cronus. “Handcuff her hands behind her back.”

Cronus did so, and I threw another pair of handcuffs in front of him. “Now, do it for yourself, then get up, the both of you.”

They did so, and I made sure that the handcuffs were actually locked.

Still pointing my gun at them, I opened a time portal. Gesturing to the portal, I said, “Go in.”

The three of us walked through the portal, and on the other side was a classroom of teenagers. Somebody screamed and I shouted, “Nobody move!”

The class froze. I walked over to a single girl in the back of the classroom, and pressed the gun at her head. “Know who this is, Metis?”

Metis looked very scared. Good. She opened her mouth, “That’s-”

“You.” I finished her sentence and pulled the trigger, killing the girl.

With that, Metis disappeared.

Cronus stared at me in shock. “But- but, you’re a TPA agent! You can’t do this!”

“Actually, I’m not one anymore. And it’s not so fun when someone uses time travel to hurt you, is it?”

I walked over to a boy and pulled the trigger again, killing the younger Cronus.

However, Cronus didn’t disappear.

I guess Dr. Potter was right, time travel really is fickle.

Cronus stared in shock at his dead younger self. Then, he started laughing. “I am Cronus, I am the Titan of Time! Paradoxes are nothing to-”

I shot him in the head.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Nova Robin

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

“You know we can’t do that!” Captain Mortimer yelled at me.

I yelled back, “Why not?! The terrorists get to use time travel to do whatever they want, meanwhile, innocent people are dying because we can’t use time travel to do anything!”

Captain Mortimer looked at me. “James, I know you’re upset. You’re not thinking about this rationally. Let’s go down to the armoury, take care of what we have to do, then you can go and get some rest. We’ll catch them, James. I promise you, no matter how long it takes, we’ll get them.”

I looked at the captain. He was probably right, I could use some rest. “Alright.”

We headed down to the armoury. The guard opened the door, and Captain Mortimer and I walked in to place my badge and equipment with the others.

I took off my badge and placed it on the shelf. “You know, Judy was the one to ask me out on a date first.”

“Oh?” Captain Mortimer watched as I placed the handcuffs and key in a box.

“Yeah, she was blushing a lot. I still remember how nervous she was.”

“Where did you to go?”

I opened the box for the time travel devices. “We went to a restaurant called…”

What was that restaurant called? Weird, I could usually recall it pretty easily, it’s one of our favourite places to go. Wait…, what was Judy’s maiden name? How old was Stephanie again?

Why can’t I remember? There’s no way that I could have forgotten…

Unless…, no… The paradox… I shouldn’t know anything about Judy, because she was killed before I met her. It’s making me forget her? No…

“James?” Captain Mortimer walked towards me.

I looked at the box full of time travel devices.

“James? You okay?” Captain Mortimer took another step towards me.

I kicked him in the chest, pushing him into another shelf. Then, I grabbed five time travel devices, putting one on my other wrist, and stuffing four into my pockets. I then ran towards the door.

“Hey, what happened, guys? I heard a-” I pushed the guard out of the way.

Time travel. All this happened because of time travel. The terrorists and criminals do whatever they want to the timeline. People get wiped from existence. What was right becomes wrong.

Time travel. It shouldn’t exist.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Dread

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

It wasn’t long before my dreaded nightmare came true. It was a few months after Matthew had… it was a few months after we arrested Metis, a few months after I got my badge back. Judy, Stephanie, and I were playing in the park. Stephanie and I were kicking a ball around, and Judy was filming it. There was laughter in the air, and smiles on the two girls that I loved. Things were going great.

Suddenly, Judy yelled in pain and grabbed her chest. She fell off the bench and onto the grass. Stephanie and I ran over to her. I grabbed her hand. “Judy, what’s wrong?”

In the midst of pain, Judy said, “J- James… Stephanie… I love you.”

Then, she slowly turned more and more translucent until she disappeared.

I yelled at the spot where she had been. “Judy! No!”

Then, from beside me, I heard Stephanie’s panicked cry, “Daddy, what’s happening to me?”

I looked over at my daughter, who had also begun turning translucent. She grabbed my arm as she faded into nothingness, screaming, “Daddy, hel-”

I fell onto my hands and knees, tears streaming from my eyes, thoughts running through my head.

They were gone. Judy and Stephanie were gone.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang.

Confused, dazed, and upset, I took out my phone and saw that it was Captain Mortimer calling. I answered it, “Captain, they- they disappeared.”

There was a pause before the captain answered, “I know, James. There is something that you need to see.”

“What?! Do you know why they disappeared?”

“Yes, I do. Metis was getting transferred from our holding cells to the maximum security prison today, but the transfer vehicle was attacked by the Titans of Time. They broke her out, and in the process, they killed an agent and cut off his thumb. They must have figured out his passcode somehow. Then…, there’s this video that I’m sending you now.”

I loaded up the video. An older man with white hair and dressed in some sort of military uniform was on the screen, kissing Metis. Then, he turned to address us, “Hello, Time Patrol Agents. Especially you, Agent Lawson. I am Cronus, leader of the Titans of Time. Thank you for taking care of my beloved for me for so many months. However, I don’t like it when someone takes something away from me.”

Then, the camera moved and on screen was a younger Judy, one that was younger that when we first met, tied to a chair and gagged. Cronus continued, “Considering this a warning to anyone trying to stop us.”

Metis walked on screen with a knife. She walked over to Judy, and plunged the knife into her chest.

Cronus himself now walked on screen, in front of a dying Judy. “You have been punished, Agent Lawson. Do not make the same mistake again.”

Cronus smirked and the video ended.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – The Mug

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

I woke up. It was a few days after Matthew’s funeral. Even though he technically no longer existed, every TPA agent that made the sacrifice will not be forgotten. That was what Captain Mortimer told me. In fact, several other people still remembered Matthew.

I walked into the kitchen after I had brushed my teeth. I grabbed my blue mug and… blue?! My mug had always red, why was it blue now? There was no way that I mixed it up, because when I got this mug seven years, Matthew had…

It was him who suggested the red mug… Did it change colour because Matthew was… erased?

Confused, I got changed and went over to Dr. Potter’s home.

I rang his doorbell impatiently. When he finally opened the door, he had an annoyed look on his face, which softened when he saw me. “Oh, hello James. How are you feeling?”

“Confused,” I said, holding up the blue mug.

“Um, sorry?”

“Doc, I- Matthew-”

“Please, calm down.” The good doctor gestured to the inside of his house. “Come in and tell me what’s going on.”

We went inside. I sat down on his sofa and he poured me a cup of tea, placing it on the coffee table.

Dr. Potter sat down on the recliner and leaned forward towards me. “I know it’s upsetting, losing Matthew like that. Please, have some tea and we can talk.”

The doctor was one of the people that did remember Matthew. I calmed down a little and took a sip of the tea before I spoke. “My mug…, it was red before Matthew…”

“Ah, so the timeline change has affected the mug.”

“But then why do some of us still remember him? Why didn’t my past change? Shouldn’t I have not been where Metis was?”

The doctor sipped his tea. “Well, time travel is… complicated. Perhaps Metis had miscalculated, and you simply would have been there, whether Matthew was there or not.”

“As for why some of us still remember him,” Dr. Potter put his cup of tea down. “That is a question that I can’t answer I’m afraid. I simply don’t know the answer, no one does. No one has been able to draw a conclusive set of rules for the effects of changing the timeline yet. I’ve seen people whose past selves have been killed, but they live on, and yet, I’ve seen people disappear under the same circumstances. I’ve seen cases where everyone remembers a person that was erased from the timeline, cases where no one remembers, and cases where only some remember.”

“How’s that possible?”

“I don’t know James. It seems that time travel is a very fickle thing. In fact, there is a theory suggesting that changing the timeline also causes the rules to change.”

I sipped my tea, trying to wrap my head around this. As I was doing this, a question that had been brewing ever since I joined the TPA popped out, “Why aren’t we allowed to go back and undo all the wrong timeline changes? Why can’t we go back and prevent the murders, the wars, the tragedies? Why can’t I go back and stop Metis from killing Matthew?”

The doctor eyed me with concern. “I know that you’re angry, James. But you mustn’t change the timeline like that. One change could affect the entire timeline. Past, present, and future.”

“It won’t if we’re careful. All we need to do is change that one event.”

The doctor eyed me with concern again while sipping his tea. He put his cup down, and explained it to me. “What I have found is that time travel has affected pretty much every single part of human history. It has even affected the parts of the timeline before humans existed, and the parts way in the distant future. This is because time travel has been used to visit so many, many points in the timeline. In fact, so many points that the mainstream belief in the time travel scientific community is that no part of the timeline has been left unchanged by time travel.”

“So you mean…, that changing any part of the timeline could affect many, many other parts of the timeline?”

“Correct. To put it simply, say that a person from Year 100 travels to Year 50 and makes a change in the timeline. But then a person from Year 200 could travel to Year 75 and make a change there that could affect the person from Year 100 and thus also affect the Year 50.”

Denied my plan, I was angry. I yelled, “How did Metis know how to build a time travel device in the first place?! Shouldn’t this all be a secret?!”

“Unfortunately, anyone can build a time travel device, the instructions are everywhere. You could piece it together from textbooks, from things that you learn in school, from things that you see on the Internet.”

I stared at the doctor, “What?!”

“Well, think of the nuclear bombs in your era. The instructions to make one were all over the place in your time, were they not? But they were hard to build, and you needed certain materials to do so. They needed very specialized, intelligent people and very rare materials. That is the same with time travel. You need a lot of in-depth knowledge and the very rare timetanium.”

I sipped my tea as I considered the analogy. Then, another question came to mind, “What about the soul?”

“I’m sorry?”

“If… a person got erased from the timeline, would their soul be erased as well? Would they have been wiped out so completely?”

“I- I don’t know, James.”

After that, the doctor and I talked about other things. The weather, his family, my family, things like that. However, when I left, I left with a feeling of dread. A dreaded feeling that anyone could just disappear because of a change in the timeline. A dreaded feeling that I could randomly disappear. A dreaded feeling that Stephanie or Judy could disappear.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – March 19th, 1030 TTE

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

March 19th, 1030 TTE: that was the day that Matthew and I were sent on that tragic assignment.

We had just received intel on where a shipment of timetanium that was stolen two days ago went: to a member of the Titans of Time, the terrorist group that was planning large scale changes to the timeline so that they could shape the world into the one that they wanted.

“Looks like it’s going to be another late night,” said Matthew as we prepared to confront the terrorist. We were loading up our weapons and putting on our bullet proof vests.

“Yeah,” I responded. “Hey, I’m going to give Judy a call first.”

“Alright, I’ll meet you in the car.”

I called home and Judy picked up, “Hey James.”

“Hi, honey,” I said to my wife, “I’m going to be late tonight.”

“Another case?”


“Well, at least say good night to Stephanie first.”

In the background, I could hear Judy calling our four year old daughter over and handing her the phone, “When are you coming home, daddy?”

“Soon, I just have to finish up some work. So you be good, don’t cause any trouble for mommy while I’m away.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Stephanie handed the phone back to Judy, who said, “Be careful, James.”

“Of course, see you tonight, Judy.”

I disconnected the phone, and walked out to the car where Matthew was waiting, along with a Special Strike Unit team. A paramilitary unit, the SSU team would help Matthew and I infiltrate the warehouse that we had tracked the timetanium to.

We all got into our vehicles made our way over to the warehouse. On the way over to warehouse, we discussed the operation, and fine tuned the plan of attack.

We arrived at the warehouse and got the team into position. Then, we charged in.

We gave anyone inside the customary chance to surrender. Some did, dropping to the floor with their hands on their head. However, some didn’t and they pulled out their firearms, resulting in a gunfight. We managed to take out most of the hostiles, quickly and efficiently. Some of the SSU members stayed back to subdue anyone that was still alive, while the rest of us carefully made our way towards the central office of the warehouse.

An SSU member kicked down the door to the office. As soon as it went down, we saw someone jumped in a time portal, while the others in the room opened fire on us.

We took cover, but time was running out and the portal was closing soon. Without another viable choice, I yelled out to the SSU team, “Cover us, we need to get to that portal before it closes!”

They sprung into action, providing suppressing fire as Matthew and I ran towards the portal. The hostiles hid behind their cover as we ran. Along the way, we passed by two hostiles behind their covers. Matthew and I managed to take out one each, right before we jumped into the portal.

We emerged on the other side in some sort of living room, and the portal closed behind us.

In front of us, was a bespectacled woman holding a girl with an arm around her neck and a gun to her head, “Well, hello, Agent Lam, Agent Lawson.”

It was Metis, a high-ranking member of the Titans of Time, and also a highly respected (and highly feared) time travel scientist. We have had several run-ins before. This was especially bad news. With the timetanium in her hands, she could create enough time travel devices for the Titans to wreak havoc on the timeline.

I kept my gun pointed at her. “Well, I see that you’ve busy with the timetanium. We’d like that back now.”

Metis smirked and pressed her gun against the girl’s head, “I don’t think so. Surely, I don’t have to explain to you who this is, Agent Lam?”

Matthew’s face had gone pale. “James, that’s… that’s my mother.”

That threw me off a little bit, but I remained calm and kept my gun aimed at Metis. “You’re not getting away, Metis. So why don’t you just let the girl go, and maybe the judge will go easier on you.”

Upon hearing my calmness, Matthew regained his composure and aimed his gun at Metis. “Yeah, what he said.”

However, Metis just stood there and somehow managed to get an even smugger smirk on her face. Attempting to get her to surrender again, I said, “Let the girl go, Metis. Maybe you’ll even get to start over fresh, in the witness protection program.”

Metis laughed at us, mockingly. “I don’t think you understand, Agent Lawson. If I kill this girl, then Agent Lam over there would have never existed; and without his existence, you wouldn’t be here. The both of you will disappear from here, leaving me free to go wherever and whenever I want.”

As soon as she was done gloating about her ingeniously fiendish plan, she pulled the trigger, killing Matthew’s mother.

“No!” yelled Matthew. Matthew was about to kill Metis with his gun, but it faded from existence in front of our very eyes.

In shock, Matthew stepped back and stared at the spot that the gun had been. Then, Matthew himself started becoming translucent.

“Matthew!” Helplessly, I watched as Matthew disappeared, fading into nothingness.

Metis broke out into her laugh again. “Lucky for you though, Agent Lawson, you’ll still exist. But you definitely won’t be here to stop me!”

I fired my gun into her leg.

With a yelp of pain, she fell down, clenching the bullet wound that I had just inflicted on her. Quickly, I moved in and pulled her hands behind her back. I placed handcuff on her wrists and removed her time travel device.

She screamed, “Why didn’t you disappear too?!”

I glared at her, fighting back my tears. “I don’t know, and I don’t care. I’m taking you back and if you resist, the next bullet will go into your head.”

She quieted down and I picked her up onto her feet. I opened a time portal back to the TPA headquarters in 1030 TTE and I pushed her through it.

I walked through the portal myself. On the other side, I saw that my push had caused Metis to trip and fall onto the ground. I ordered one of the guards to open a cell for her.

I walked over to Metis. Silently, I picked her up again, and dragged her into a cell. All the while making her suffer the pain of having to walk with a bullet hole in her leg. But it wasn’t enough, it would never be enough.

The guards called a doctor to treat her bullet wound, and I went to report what happened to Captain Mortimer. I knocked on his door, then, after he had given his permission, I entered his office.

He stood up and smiled, “Agent Lawson. I hear that you caught Metis. Good job.”

“Thank you, sir. But… she got Matthew.”


My eyes widened in shock. “You know, Agent Lam, sir.”

Captain Mortimer stared back at me with a puzzled look on his face. Then, his face fell, and with a heavy sigh, he asked, “How did he die?”

“Metis killed his mother in the past, then he just… disappeared.”

“I’m sorry, James. But that means that Agent Lam has been wiped from the timeline. This means that many of us won’t remember him.”

Perplexed, I asked, “Then why do I remember him?”

“I’m sorry, James. It’s a paradox.”

I stood there, unsure of what to say, unsure of what to do.

Captain Mortimer placed a hand on my shoulder. “Listen, James, I know you’re upset about your partner. Please, go home and get some rest, and take a few days off.”

“Ye- Yes sir.” I turned to walk out the door.

“Please leave your badge and equipment with the guard in the armoury”

I turned around, still stunned at the events. “What?”

“I’m sorry, James, but that’s procedure. You have to leave your badge and equipment locked up during this… period. Surely, you understand the temptation of using your… equipment right now, don’t you?”

I nodded and headed out of the captain’s office. After I left my badge and equipment in the armoury, I headed back home.

As soon as I closed the door, Judy called out my name, “James? Is that you?”

“Yeah…” I replied, weakly.

Judy came out of the kitchen and gave me a hug. She could sense that something was wrong. “What’s going on, honey?”

“Judy, do you remember Matthew?”

Judy looked at me with a confused look. “Of course I do.”

Hearing that, I hugged her back and tears streamed down from my eyes. Not knowing what happened, Judy asked me, “James, are you crying? What’s going on?”

“Matthew… Matthew’s dead.”

Her body went limp went she heard those words. Then, she held on to me tightly and cried, “No…, no…, not Matt.”

Not knowing what to do, we just stood there, crying for our non-existent friend.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Dating in 1023 TTE

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

A date in the year 1023 TTE, what would that be like?

That was the question on my mind as I waited for my car to arrive at Judy’s place. It found a nice parking spot at her apartment’s parking lot and I went up to her floor in the elevator. Elevators haven’t changed much, it seemed. Still the same metal boxes that moved people and things up and down, except that it used the same hovering technology found in the cars instead of the cables of 2013.

I knocked on Judy’s door and she answered soon after that. She stepped out, dressed in a nice, casual dress, and greeted me, slightly blushing, “Hey…”

I decided to break the awkward tension. “Ready to go on our date?”

Judy’s face then became red with embarrassment until she realized how ridiculous this was. We then burst out into laughter.

After a good laugh, I held out my hand and we went on our date.

It turns out that dating in 1023 TTE wasn’t very different at all. We went to a nice restaurant called Nova Robin, where we flipped through the digital pages of the mini tablet that was the menu, talking and discussing about the food and drinks that we liked and disliked before we ordered. We continued talking over dinner, this time about each other. When it came time to pay the bill, I pressed my thumb against the scanner and punched in the passcode to pay directly from my bank account.

After dinner we went back to her place, chose a movie from her digital library, and had a great time watching it together. When the movie ended, she poured out some wine, and we conversed about whatever topic crossed our minds.

And at the end of the night, when everything seemed to align, I kissed her.

When the kiss ended, we both tried to play it cool for a second, but neither of us lasted very long and we both broke out into these big, wide smiles.

With a huge grin still on her face, she said, “Good night, James.”

“Good night, Judy,” I replied as I walked out of the apartment, with a huge grin still on my face.

And that was dating in 1023 TTE.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – First Day

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

After graduation, I was partnered with Matthew, and we were sent on my first official assignment. On my first day on the job, Matthew greeted me at the office with a smile and a handshake, “Welcome to the first day of your new job, Agent James Lawson.”

I smiled and shook his hand, “Thank you, Agent Lam. So, what’s our first assignment?”

“It’s an easy one, we’re going to be taking a team back with us for criminal investigation.”

Ah yes, one of the only legal uses of time travel: using it as a last resort to assist the police (or other law enforcement agencies) for investigations.

Why is it a last resort? Well, if we allowed someone the power to just go back in time and observe whatever they wanted to, then it would be no different then just letting someone install cameras in a person’s home. It would pretty much spell the end of any privacy for a normal citizen, and it would give the police too much power. So, in order for the police to get the assistance of the TPA, the police must be able to provide us with the exact time and location to travel to, and the relevant clues that led to that conclusion. Of course, this means that even TPA agents should not use their time travel devices unless if absolutely necessary.

We put on our standard TPA time travel devices and headed out to meet the detectives on the case. Along with them was a time travel scientist named Dr. Potter.

“Good afternoon, agents,” Dr. Potter extended his hand.

“Hello again, doctor,” Matthew reached out and shook the doctor’s hand. Then he gestured to me, “Dr. Potter, this is Agent Lawson.”

I shook the doctor’s hand, “Pleased to meet you, Dr. Potter.”

“Same here.”

Curious, I asked him, “So will you be joining us?”

“Yes, Agent Lam didn’t tell you what I do?”


“Well, I am a time travel scientist, we study time travel. Time travel has baffled us for more than a thousand years with it’s seemingly inconsistent rules. To get more data about time travel, some of my colleagues and I have decided to ride along on these time jumps. I hope I won’t be too much of a bother.”

The detectives, Matthew, and I shook our heads and reassured the doctor that his company was welcomed.

“Alright, Agent Lawson, since this is your first assignment, why don’t you do the honours?”

I flipped on the time travel device on my wrist, and pressed my thumb against the thumb pad. It scanned my thumbprint to confirm that my print matched the one on my TPA file. Then, it asked me to enter my passcode, which I did. A safety precaution of course, so that it can’t be used if stolen; and if an invalid passcode was entered three times, the device would fry itself. After confirming my identity, I punched in the time and the coordinates that the detectives had given me, and a time portal opened.

That first assignment went by quickly. The detectives did their jobs well and had pinpointed the exact time and location that they needed to observe. They easily gathered what they needed, and we were back in 1023 TTE in under an hour.

The detectives went off to continue their investigation, the good doctor went back to his lab to record his observations, and Matthew and I went back into our office to fill out a report on the trip.

After my first day, I was about to head home when I was stopped by Judy at the reception, “James!”

I turned around and walked up to reception, “Hi Judy, did I forget something?”

“No…” Judy blushed a little. “I was wondering if you’d like to continue exploring the town?”

“Oh, sounds good, let me ask Matthew too.”


The both of us paused, surprised by her sudden yell. She blushed again and said, “I mean, could we, maybe, just go by ourselves?”

The both of us were silent again. Then, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I realized what she was asking me. “Sure, I’d love to.”

Judy blushed, but she also smiled. “That’s great! Um, could you come to my place at around 7?”

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Training

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

“Hi James, here’s your badge. Welcome to your first day of training.” Judy handed me my badge and smiled. I smiled back at her and took my badge.

It was an easy choice. Back in 2013, my family was dead, and all I had was my job and my apartment. The year 1023 TTE just seemed too good to pass up. In the past two weeks, Matthew and Judy had helped me move my stuff from the past into my new apartment here, showed me around town, got me a red mug, things like that.

Training went by quickly enough. The Time Patrol Agency’s main job is to prevent any illegal time travelling from happening, because if it does happen, it would be too late to stop any changes to the timeline (unless if someone managed to jump into the portal too). One big part of the TPA’s mission is to monitor the flow of timetanium.

The aptly named timetanium is the alloy that is required for time travel. It is hard to make and hard to find. It is also limited in the amount of times that it can be used to time travel. This makes time travelling a very hard thing to do, but luckily, it means that it’s also easier to track down anyone who is planning on doing any illegal time travelling.

A couple of rules of the TPA included not leaving technology in the past, not taking technology from the future, don’t tell people what will happen in their futures, minimize any paradoxes, and if a suspect looks like they will activate a time travel device, use any means necessary to stop them, even if it means killing them. The last one, as extreme as it sounds, is necessary, because time travel can be the equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hands.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Headquarters

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

The car parked itself in front of a nondescript building. We walked in and there was a reception area, which we walked up to.

“Hello Judy,” Matthew greeted the receptionist.

“Hi Matt,” Judy smiled at Matthew, and then at me.

“This is James, he’s going to need security clearance, lowest level please.”

“No problem, give me a minute,” Judy then processed the request on her computer, and handed me a visitor’s badge. “Here you go, James.”

“Thanks.” I grabbed the badge and hung it around my neck.

Matthew and I then proceeded into the building and past the security guards, who confirmed our identities before letting us in. We reached the top floor and walked into the office of a Captain Mortimer.

“Agent Lam,” the captain greeted Matthew, and then me, “And you must be James?”

I shook him extended hand, “Yes sir.”

“Agent Lam tells me that you both have to make one more trip into the past to prevent another paradox. Do you understand what you have to do?”

“Um, I think so, sir.”

“Good. Here are some simple rules: stick on assignment, leave nothing behind, and don’t take anything.”

“Yes sir,” I said.

Matthew then pressed some buttons on the device on his wrist, opening up a time portal. We headed into what would be our first time jump together. It was a simple assignment, all we had to do was tell Matthew from the past where the criminal would show up and that was it. When we got back to report to Captain Mortimer, he offered me a choice.

“So James, you seem like you’d be a fit here, would you like to become a TPA agent?”

I considered the offer for a second, “Well sir, it looks like a good opportunity, but wouldn’t it be suspicious if I just disappeared from my own time?”

The captain chuckled, “See, that’s the type of thinking I like to see in my agents. No need to worry, you’ll be allowed to periodically visit. Of course, you have to visit the time after the period of time that you’ve spent away, to keep up the facade. And of course, you’ll have a chance to quit your current job, tie up any loose ends, things like that.”

I pondered about the offer again, “May I have some time to think about it?”

“Sure, Agent Lam will take you home and he’ll visit again in two days, how’s that?”

“Sounds good, sir.”

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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