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Blade Kitten Demo Review

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2010

… oh wow! It’s an update!

So, a few hours ago, I played the demo for Blade Kitten on the PC from Steam.

Blade Kitten is a platformer where you play as Kit Ballard, who has a sword-like weapon that floats in the air. With this blade you can perform short ranged attacks and long ranged attacks (which uses up one of your gauges). From then on, Kit can also jump, double-jump, slide, climb on walls, and wall jump.

The demo proceeds like a very typical platformer: running through the level, collecting currency and beating up enemies. However, as I played through the demo though, the game became a bit tedious. The controls can be a bit sticky at times, and most of the enemies die in one hit. Most (if not all) enemies have this long range beam that gets tedious and boring to dodge, and if they manage to hit you with their melee attacks, it’s always with this slow combo that is frustrating to watch and sit through. The little bit of story that they introduced did nothing to hold my interest and there were no boss fights in the demo, leaving me only with a bunch of unchallenging and boring enemies to plow through.

Overall, the demo makes the game feel like a very typical and tedious platformer with a boring story to hold it together.

Please keep in mind though, that this is just a review of the demo, and for all I know, the full game might be awesome, but the demo just doesn’t convince me of that.

And on that note, that ends today’s review. Now…, I know that this blog has not been regularly updated…, but hopefully the next review will be up within two week. Until then, have fun!

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