So… Is It Good?

A blog featuring the various writings of E. H. Lau.

Short Stories

Here are some short stories that I’ve written. Hope you enjoy them.

The Royal Food Tester

James and the Time Patrol Agency

  • James is a cop that finds himself flung into the future. Recruited into the Time Patrol Agency, James will not only have to get used to the future, but also learn how to deal with illegal time travelling and prevent time paradoxes from messing up the timeline.
  • Available as an e-book on Smashwords and Amazon.

The War Is Over

  • A short story that I submitted to the 2011 Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers from The Writers’ Union of Canada.
    The story is about two warriors from two different sides in a war, and how the war unfolded from their perspectives.
    Unfortunately, it didn’t get short listed and it is not my best work, but I hope you enjoy it a little at least.

The Assassin With No Heart

  • Probably the oldest piece of writing I’ve done that I felt was worthy enough to be “published”. It’s not that good, but it’s… something…

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