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After-School Detectives Archive

After-School Detectives Logo

~ Solving mysteries after-school! ~

This is the archives for the stories that I’ve written about the After-School Detectives.
This series has been completed. Here is a little retrospective.
G.S. Williams had suggested that I re-envision Sheryl Holmes as a child sleuth and focus more on the humour. I loved that idea, so here are the results. Let’s hope they’re good.
The logo was created by solidgaunt, please visit his amazing gallery!

Note: You might also be interested in the original vision for this series, Sheryl Holmes’ 221B Baker Detective Agency.

After-School Detectives
Seventh-grader Sheryl Holmes loves mysteries, and she’s decided to start a new club after-school dedicated to solving mysteries. Dragging her friend, James, into the club, the After-School Detectives help their classmates solve their problems and their mysteries.

1) After-School Detectives
2) Love Haiku
3) Annabell
4) Vivaldi’s Rosin
5) Candy Surprise
6) Costumes
7) Birthday Present
8) Scarlet
9) Rogue Detectives
10) Katie’s First Case
11) Graduation


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