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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Nova Robin

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

“You know we can’t do that!” Captain Mortimer yelled at me.

I yelled back, “Why not?! The terrorists get to use time travel to do whatever they want, meanwhile, innocent people are dying because we can’t use time travel to do anything!”

Captain Mortimer looked at me. “James, I know you’re upset. You’re not thinking about this rationally. Let’s go down to the armoury, take care of what we have to do, then you can go and get some rest. We’ll catch them, James. I promise you, no matter how long it takes, we’ll get them.”

I looked at the captain. He was probably right, I could use some rest. “Alright.”

We headed down to the armoury. The guard opened the door, and Captain Mortimer and I walked in to place my badge and equipment with the others.

I took off my badge and placed it on the shelf. “You know, Judy was the one to ask me out on a date first.”

“Oh?” Captain Mortimer watched as I placed the handcuffs and key in a box.

“Yeah, she was blushing a lot. I still remember how nervous she was.”

“Where did you to go?”

I opened the box for the time travel devices. “We went to a restaurant called…”

What was that restaurant called? Weird, I could usually recall it pretty easily, it’s one of our favourite places to go. Wait…, what was Judy’s maiden name? How old was Stephanie again?

Why can’t I remember? There’s no way that I could have forgotten…

Unless…, no… The paradox… I shouldn’t know anything about Judy, because she was killed before I met her. It’s making me forget her? No…

“James?” Captain Mortimer walked towards me.

I looked at the box full of time travel devices.

“James? You okay?” Captain Mortimer took another step towards me.

I kicked him in the chest, pushing him into another shelf. Then, I grabbed five time travel devices, putting one on my other wrist, and stuffing four into my pockets. I then ran towards the door.

“Hey, what happened, guys? I heard a-” I pushed the guard out of the way.

Time travel. All this happened because of time travel. The terrorists and criminals do whatever they want to the timeline. People get wiped from existence. What was right becomes wrong.

Time travel. It shouldn’t exist.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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