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James and the Time Patrol Agency – Cronus and Metis

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 29, 2012

I had finally tracked them down. It had taken months of searching, interrogating, and hunting. But I finally have a time and location on Cronus and Metis.

I opened a time portal and stepped through.

On the other side, a voice questioned, “What the hell?”

I raised my gun and pointed it at Cronus and Metis, who were both in bed. “Hello Cronus, hello Metis.”

Metis reached for what seemed like her glasses, but I wasn’t going to take a chance. I fired a bullet into her hand.

She screamed in pain and grabbed her bleeding hand.

“Very nice place you have here,” I said. I had made sure that they were in a nice, isolated place and time. Nobody was here to interrupt me.

Cronus growled at me, “Apparently you didn’t get my warning, Agent Lawson.”

“Oh, I did.” I threw a pair of handcuffs that I had procured in front of Cronus. “Handcuff her hands behind her back.”

Cronus did so, and I threw another pair of handcuffs in front of him. “Now, do it for yourself, then get up, the both of you.”

They did so, and I made sure that the handcuffs were actually locked.

Still pointing my gun at them, I opened a time portal. Gesturing to the portal, I said, “Go in.”

The three of us walked through the portal, and on the other side was a classroom of teenagers. Somebody screamed and I shouted, “Nobody move!”

The class froze. I walked over to a single girl in the back of the classroom, and pressed the gun at her head. “Know who this is, Metis?”

Metis looked very scared. Good. She opened her mouth, “That’s-”

“You.” I finished her sentence and pulled the trigger, killing the girl.

With that, Metis disappeared.

Cronus stared at me in shock. “But- but, you’re a TPA agent! You can’t do this!”

“Actually, I’m not one anymore. And it’s not so fun when someone uses time travel to hurt you, is it?”

I walked over to a boy and pulled the trigger again, killing the younger Cronus.

However, Cronus didn’t disappear.

I guess Dr. Potter was right, time travel really is fickle.

Cronus stared in shock at his dead younger self. Then, he started laughing. “I am Cronus, I am the Titan of Time! Paradoxes are nothing to-”

I shot him in the head.

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This is part of the James and the Time Patrol Agency short story.

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