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The Case of the Broken Hearts – Chapter 13

Posted by cyberpfalcon on September 12, 2012

Of course, the two detectives didn’t have any evidence, but luckily, right at that moment, Samuel Walters’ phone rang. Samuel looked at the two detectives as if he felt for sure that they had been saved by the bell, and then he answered the phone, putting it on loudspeaker, “Yes, what is it, Cindy?”

It was his secretary, phoning from her desk outside. “I’m sorry, Mr. Walters, but your meeting with the other partners is about to start.”

“Okay, thank you, Cindy.”

Samuel looked at the two detectives again, disappointed that he’d have to wait to see if they were bluffing. “Sorry, detectives, could we continue this after my meeting?”

Watson delivered a short and concise answer which revealed nothing. “Sure.”

Samuel Walters picked up some files and left the room. As soon as the door closed, Sheryl said to Watson, “His mistress is someone in this office.”

Watson rolled his eyes, nearly unable to deal with any more of Sheryl Holmes for the day, “And why do you say that?”

“His lips had lipstick on it, probably from kissing someone with lipstick on, and he had the smell of perfume on him. This means that he must have been with her shortly before we got in here.”

Not wanting to lose another point to Sheryl so easily, Watson countered, “Well, it could still be someone from outside the office.”

“Well, let’s ask the secretary then.”

Outside, Cindy was typing on her computer when Sheryl and Watson approached her.

Sheryl started the conversation, “Hi, Cindy, right?”

Cindy looked up and smiled, “Yes, that’s right. What may I do for you, detectives?”

“Was Samuel with someone else in his office before we came?”


“Was Samuel in someone else’s office before we got here then?”

Cindy pondered for a moment, and then she answered, “Well, I’m not sure where he was, but he wasn’t in his office for a while shortly before you two came.”

“Oh…, okay, thank you,” Sheryl turned around, dejected.

The two detectives were ready to leave, so that they could avoid revealing their hand to Samuel Walters, however, at that moment, Watson’s phone rang.

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This story is part of the Sheryl Holmes’ 221B Baker Detective Agency series.
New chapters to be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays.
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