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The Case of the Broken Hearts – Chapter 6

Posted by cyberpfalcon on August 19, 2012

Watson and Sheryl headed towards Watson’s desk in the office. As they neared the section where Watson’s team sat, Detective Wong headed towards them with a piece of paper in her hand. Excited to see Sheryl, the detective greeted her, “Sheryl!”

“Katie!” Sheryl and Detective Katie Wong gave each other a hug.

They finished their hug and Katie gave Sheryl a big smile. “It’s been a while! How have you been? I hear that you got your very own case?”

“Yeah!” Sheryl smiled back.

“Well, what kind of case was it? Something big? Oooo, something involving the mafia?”

“No…, a little girl’s cat went missing.” Sheryl said, embarrassed.

“Oh, that’s horrible! Were you able to find the cat?” Katie’s expression became a genuine frown at the thought of a little girl’s cat missing.


“That’s great, Sheryl! Come here!” Katie held her arms opened and Sheryl moved in for another hug.

The two finished their hug and Sheryl held out a piece of candy. “Candy?”

“Of course!”

Katie grabbed the piece of candy from Sheryl, then, with a serious expression on her face, she handed Watson the piece of paper. “Watson, Sheryl, I have an update on the Walters case.”

Watson looked at the piece of paper. “Simone Walters’ credit check?”

“Yeah, and I’ve highlighted several charges on it, they’re for Scarlet Investigations.”

“Another private detective, like me?” asked Sheryl.

“Yeah, it’s run by a women named Scarlet, of course,” Detective Katie Wong replied. “I’ve met her before, and she’s a cunning witch.”

Sheryl raised her eyebrow. “A cunning witch? Don’t you mean a b-”
“Nope, I meant a witch. She specializes in digging secrets out of people. They say that she has a ‘magical’ way to get people to talk, and after meeting her, I believe it.”

“Alright, thanks Wong,” Watson put the credit check in his pocket. “Any news about the security guard thing?”

“Nope, I’m going out now to help Nadir with the search.” Wong said as she headed towards the elevator. “Oh yeah, by the way, the M.E. has a report for you.”

Wong headed into the elevator and gave them a wave goodbye as the elevator doors closed. Sheryl waved back and Watson gave her a nod.

“See,” said Sheryl, turning to Watson. “I told you that Samuel Walters was hiding something. Why else would his wife hire a private detective to dig out his secret?”

Watson sighed at Sheryl’s abductive reasoning. “Yes, I’ll admit that it’s a possibility.”

“Of course though, the question then becomes, what is he hiding?”

Watson pressed the button to summon an elevator, “Let’s go talk to the M.E. first.”

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This story is part of the Sheryl Holmes’ 221B Baker Detective Agency series.
New chapters to be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays.
I forgot to post this on Friday, so here it is, sorry for the delay.
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