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Bayonetta Demo Review

Posted by cyberpfalcon on January 5, 2010

Recently I got to downloaded and played Bayonetta First Climax (which is what they’re calling the demo for… Bayonetta) on my PS3.

Developed by Platinum Games and directed by the same director as Devil May Cry, the Bayonetta demo definitely impressed me. Being a 3D action game in the same vein as the God of War series, the Ninja Gaiden series, and, of course, the Devil May Cry series, Bayonetta is looking like it’ll push boundaries of the genre.

Certainly, it plays like the games in the mentioned series, however, what really set it apart and what really impressed me was how smooth and stylish everything was. The huge amount of combos for one, meant that the many combinations of buttons each had a different outcome, which feels great compared to some of the more restricted combo systems in the other games. Also, a simple, one-button dodge also made the demo a lot more enjoyable. There is also a massive amount of different ways of attacking, not only with the aforementioned combo system, but also with the different weapons that could be picked up after killing certain enemies.

At first, I was interested in the game, however, after the demo impressed me with its smooth, stylish, and enjoyable game play and (what seemed to me) an intriguing story, Bayonetta is definitely a game that I am excited about.

4 Responses to “Bayonetta Demo Review”

  1. Chris L said

    You Should Buy IT!

  2. Robin said

    Just played the demo! Lightning fast battle sequences. Slick moves. Just plain FUN. Nice review – looking forward to the full game.

  3. Tom said

    wow i just thought it was some cheap hack and slash game fighting monsters from the cliche cover – turn’s out I was wrong…

  4. You forgot to mention the gorgeous hero and the butt-kicking hair!

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